I believe that being able to live an agile life is a wonderful way to have the opportunity to feel safe, to see growth opportunities everywhere and to become more resilient and even anti-fragile. I am doing my best everyday to support people who wants to get help in enabling Kaizen, or continuous improvement.

My giveback to the world community: offering you a free way
to enable your spark through a path of online live sessions.

The Path includes 4 sessions of 45 minutes each, and have 4 parts (not necessarily one per session):
purpose refinement, resources awareness, support structure identification, path commitment.

Who am I?

Curious & Optimist
Father of three kids
Karate-Do Practitioner
Unstoppable Learner

Citizen of the World

Kaizening Coach
Certified Agile Coach

Computer Engineer
Author & Writer

What is “Kaizen” 改善

Kaizen is a word that comes from the Japanese culture and means “change for good”, or as it evolved as a term: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Kaizen means grasping what is your current condition, learning your direction and understanding how to measure your continuous progress towards what you want from yourself.

What can I help you do?

Learning or refining your purpose

Creating a path towards your goals

Raise your awareness

What if live online sessions are not for you?

You can still get my book and try to enable your Kaizening path on your own.

Kaizening Request

If you feel like getting “Kaizened”, to enable the spark of continuous improvement in your life, I have still some free places available.

Drop me your message here: